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The fourth industrial revolution and the increasingly global market oriented economy have been raising new questions for Practitioners and Academicians in Business and Economics. What are the implications for national and transnational entities, global wealth distribution, transnational flows of goods and services, capital, people, and government regulation? What new theories, methods and approaches are available? How should Business and Economics education approach these new challenges?

As the world strides into the age of the robots, the Business & Economics Society International aspires to:

– Serve as a medium of open discussion for everyone interested in Business and Economics problems;

– Facilitate communication between Practitioners and Business/Economics Academicians as they pursue excellence in practice, teaching and research;

– Promote the disciplines of Business and Economics as fields of study.


(1) The Society is governed by The Board of Trustees. The Board,

– advises the conference organizers, and serves as the ultimate authority, on all matters that relate to Society’s conferences, publications and activities;

– elects members for the Board of Trustees out of nominees submitted by current Society Members;

– elects, when the need arises, the Editor-in-Chief of the Global Business & Economics Review (the Society’s journal) out of nominees submitted by
the current Society Members. The elected Editor-in-Chief, in collaboration with the journal’s Editorial Board Members, may design editorial policy
and act independently from the Board of Trustees. The Editor-in-Chief may request advice from the Board of Trustees at any time.

(2) Trustees are expected to serve for at least two (2) years and every two years they elect a Chair and a Lieutenant Chair. The Chair calls Board of Trustees
meetings, which may take place in cyberspace and/or in person.

(3) Registration fees to attend the Society’s conferences as well as annual membership dues are waived for all current Trustees.

(4) In alphabetical order, the 2017-19 Trustees of the Society are:

  • Jane M. Binner, Sheffield Management School, University of Sheffield, UK.
  • Marko Kolakovic, University of Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Stuart Lynn, Assumption College, USA (CHAIR).
  • Joseph A. Petrick, Wright State University, USA.
  • Guilherme D. Pires, University Of Newcastle, Australia.
  • Ho-Don Yan, Feng Chia University, Taiwan.

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The Society recognizes that its members have a responsibility to act in accordance with recognized ethical norms in their interactions with each other and with external individuals and institutions. Accordingly, it has approved the following code.


(1) As individuals engaged in research:

Members of the Society accept the following guidelines for their research efforts:

(a) Any research effort submitted to the Society shall conform to accepted standards of academic integrity. Originality is expected to the degree that the sources of information and ideas drawn from existing works are to be given full credit.

(b) Authors are expected to accurately represent all ideas, data, etc., that are either derived from other sources or developed through original research.

(c) Members are expected to maintain objectivity to the extent that any personal or professional bias is to be clearly set out in the oral or written presentation of any research effort. In the presentation of conclusions, the author must make clear the assumptions on which such conclusions are based. If research is funded by any person or organization, that fact shall be noted.

(d) Authors and presenters are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of any sources of materials used as research for papers or presentations in the Society. Neither the Society nor any member of the Society, other than the author or presenter, bears this responsibility.

(2) As members of a professional organization:

(a) Members, in their interactions with each other and in the administration of Society affairs, are expected to behave according to the principles of openness and honesty, honoring commitments among themselves.

(b) Members engaged in administrative activities such as serving on various committees of the Society, or in editorial activities, should endeavor to carry out agreed-upon tasks or to formally withdraw from activities that they feel unable to continue.

(3) Non-discrimination

The Society is committed to non-discrimination among its members and with respect to application for membership. Evaluation of materials submitted for Society consideration, such as papers, presentations, and proposals for such, is to be solely on the basis of merit of those materials.

(4) Conflict Resolution

Should conflict arise with respect to any activity of the Society, the members involved in such a conflict agree to submit their views to an impartial arbiter appointed by the Board of Trustees for resolution. Any party that is dissatisfied with the arbiter’s resolution may either withdraw from the activity from which the conflict arose or request that the activity be reviewed by a panel of members appointed by the Board of Trustees. A determination by such a panel shall be final as far as the Society is concerned

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The Society is committed to protecting the privacy of its visitors, members, subscribers, conference participants and associates. The information provided is not sold, rented or shared with any organization or individual.


The Society welcomes ID carrying members of the media to its annual conference subject to registering upon arrival. In such cases fees shall be waived. Journalists and their associates cannot record or take pictures during the conference sessions and they must get permission for quotations directly from conference participants; picture taking and recording are allowed only during breaks.


The B&ESI Conference sites are:

January 4-7, 2019, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hotel Melia Buenos Aires

July 6-9, 2019, Vienna, Austria
Fleming’s Hotel Wien

For displaying promotional materials (leaflets, catalogues, journals and books) please consider the following alternatives:

Alternative 1: Materials Displayed by the Society on Exhibitor’s Behalf.
$200 per one square meter table payable as indicated in the Exhibitor’s Registration Form (ERF) ERF.
Post non-returnable materials directly to the respective conference site(s).

Alternative 2: Exhibit Representative(s).
$180 registration fee* for each representative plus $200 per one sqare meter table
Payable as indicated in the Exhibitors Registration Form (ERF) ERF.

Alternative 3: Exhibition Booth.
$180 registration fee* for each exhibition booth representative payable as indicated in the Exhibitors’ Registration
Form (ERF) ERF plus exhibition booth rental costs, which are to be paid directly to the
conference hotel; if interested, please contact the respective conference hotel(s).

* Registration fees for exhibit representatives include access to all conference presentations, sessions, exhibitions,
activities and coffee/tea breaks.


The Business & Economics Society International (B&ESI) makes available advertising space on its web page.
More specifically, it offers premier placement of Homepage Logo Buttons on its web page such as the ones below.advertisers-image

The B&ESI is visited by about 12,000 to 15,000 business and economics academicians and practitioners per year from all over the world. The annual fee for a Homepage Logo Button (**), created by the client, is $500 and it includes the following two additional benefits:

(1) A one page, black and white, camera-ready advertisement (margins in inches: top=1.75, bottom=1.75, left=2, right=2) to be printed in the Society’s four publications (Global Business & Economics Review, Global Business & Economics Anthology, International Journal of Behavioral and Healthcare Research, International Journal of Economics and Business Research) and

(2) Free display of non-returnable brochures and / or books or other promotional materials during the B&ESI Conferences.

If interested, please post or fax Advertiser’s Form (AF) and for additional information contact the Society as follows:

B&ESI, 64 Holden Street, Worcester, MA 01605-3109, USA
TELEPHONE: (508) 852-3937, FAX: (508) 595-0089
EMAIL: hkan@besiweb.com

(**) The Button will appear daily and the client, subject to approval for content, may include anything that relates to the mission of the Society.
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